Master of Social Work 2019-20 Fellows

Nassiba Adamou

Provost Fellow

Target Population: Adults, refugees, homeless
Current Mental Health Interest: To deconstruct mental health stigma and other barriers among people of color through education, outreach and advocacy. Mental health with adults who have a history of substance use, incarceration and/or homelessness and are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, etc. Learn more about global mental health.
Career Goal: Become licensed and open a private practice. Work with adults, especially racial/ethnic minority adults.  Another career goal of mine is to work on a global level with international organizations that deals with universal problems, human rights issues, disaster relief, and social change. I see myself doing micro, mezzo, macro-level work within the international scope. For instance, providing individual clinical therapeutic services to refugees (micro) or advocating for international human rights (macro).

Ashley Bonner

Provost Fellow

Target Population: Adults dealing with substance abuse
Current Mental Health Interest: Adults dealing with a dual diagnosis of mental health and substance abuse.
Career Goal: To get my LCSW and become the clinical director of a treatment center or open my own private practice. I would also like to work on a macro level to help change the current policies and to create stricter regulations on substance abuse treatment centers so that people can get the care and help that they deserve.

Leneesha Nash

Provost Fellow

Target Population: Children, Adolescents, Transition-age youth, Adults
Current Mental Health Interest: The trauma that the minority population, especially the African American community experiences, affects their mental health in more ways than we can imagine. I want to help my clients develop coping skills through cognitive behavioral training or any other intervention method that may be more useful to them.
Career Goal: After completing my MSW, I will be working toward my LCSW. I plan to work for an organization that advocates, provides assistance and/or therapy to individuals who have experienced sexual violence. I also have an interest in making changes to the child welfare system that has affected foster care youth. In addition, I want to open up my own private practice.

Cynthia L. Wilks

Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Master’s Minority Fellow

Target Population: Latinx living with HIV, immigrants, trauma survivors
Current Mental Health Interest: To provide culturally grounded therapy for Latinx people living with HIV and to foster the collectivist resiliency of Latinx people.
Career Goal: To become a therapist who uses decolonizing narrative therapy to affirm the dignity of Latinx people, promote healing from contemporary and historical trauma, and enhance their wellbeing and self-fulfillment.