Book Lending Program

Book Lending Program

The Book Lending program is accepting applications for the Spring 2020 semester.

What is the book lending program?

Eligible FAU Social Work students may borrow up to two course textbooks from the School of Social Work and keep it for the entire semester free of charge.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the Book Lending Program, students must be 1) currently registered as a social work degree-seeking student; 2) currently enrolled in the class for which the book is required, and 3) currently receive financial assistance through the Office of Financial Aid.

How to apply?

For the Fall and Spring semesters, applications will be emailed to all students prior to the first day of classes and will be accepted until 5pm on the Friday following the first day of classes. For the Summer semester books can be requested by contacting Renita Carter at There is no financial aid requirement for requesting books over the Summer.

Students wishing to apply for Books for the Fall and Spring semester must do the following:

  1. Verify required textbooks. Required textbooks for your courses may be found on the syllabus posted on Canvas.
  2. Submit a COMPLETE application.  The application is available here in Word format and will also be sent out to all Social Work students prior to the beginning of the semester.  Completed applications are to be emailed to Renita Carter at
  3. Email to Renita carter the following 2 documents:
    • Your Student Detail Schedule as shown in MyFAU
    • Document showing your Financial Aid Award Summary from MyFAU or received from the FAU Financial Aid office (if you are a Financial Aid recipient.)
  4.  Renita will contact you when the books are ready for pickup.  She is located in SO308 in the Social Science building.

Please note, any application that lacks your Detailed Class Schedule or your financial aid award summary is considered INCOMPLETE.

Which books are offered?

Books that are lent to students are for the core social work classes, Students should review the catalogue to ensure that their courses are core courses for the books they are wishing to obtain. Books that are lent do not include study guides, workbooks, annuals, lecture notes, or suggested materials.

How many books may a student obtain?

Students are only allowed to borrow two books per semester. There are a limited number of books available for each course and a limited amount of funding available each academic year.

Decision on selected students and notification?

Students are approved for the Book Lending Program based on a combination of factors that include but are not limited to: 1) eligibility, 2) date complete application was submitted, and 3) past borrower history.

Students will be notified as soon as it is determined if their requested books are available.  Books will not be available for pickup until the first week of classes.  Students will have three business days after they have been notified to pick up their books or it may be given to another student.

The textbook must be returned to our office on or before the last day of the semester. If a student is tardy in returning their textbook on two or more occasions, they will be ineligible to participate in the book lending program. Failure to return the book(s) will result in a HOLD on the student’s registration or accounts. Students who damage or lose books must purchase a new copy for the book leanding program in order to have the hold removed.

Contact Information

For more information or questions about the book lending program please contact Renita Carter at or 561-297-3234.

Funded by a generous anonymous donor to the School of Social Work!