Your Generosity Makes all the Difference

The country’s 650,000 social workers are the mainstay of preventive, crisis intervention and psychotherapeutic services in public and private organizations.  They are also key players in combatting many of America’s great challenges, such as mental health, addictions, child welfare, veterans’ concerns and human distress – and the need for more social workers in the profession is projected to grow by 11% during the next 10 years, which is significantly more than the average.

Each time you give to the Sandler School of Social Work, you are embodying the true meaning of what it means to pay it forward.  Your support enables us to develop world-class practitioners who are dedicated to serving our country’s most vulnerable populations.

Marianna L. Colvin, Ph.D. LGSW“My intent is to prepare my students to become agents of social change, by teaching them sound, ethical decision-making skills and instilling in them an unwavering passion for learning and justice.” – Marianna Colvin, Ph.D., 2018 NASW-FL Social Work Educator of the Year

Established in 1970, the Sandler School of Social Work is committed to maximizing human potential, alleviating human suffering, enhancing the vitality and caring capacity of communities, and promoting the ideals of a humane and just society.  We are proud to be home to an ethnically and culturally diverse student population with small class sizes, strong student/faculty relationships, numerous community-based research and clinical field internship opportunities, and a nearly 98% job-placement rate within three months of graduation with many choosing to stay and serve the tri-county area and our local community.

“My passion in life is to help individuals become the best versions of themselves despite what may have happened to them in their lives. I strongly believe that anyone can come out of any lifelong issue that has held them down if they have the resources. Social work empowers students like me to equip others with the tools they need to thrive.”– Bell Monika Cirius, Master of Social Work Student

Each semester, nearly 65% of our students take out financial loans, that they will be responsible for repaying when they graduate.  A large majority of our students are also working full-time jobs and raising families.  Add to these challenges, the widely known reality that social workers do not choose their noble path of service for its earning potential.  They choose to become social workers because they are driven to help the world become a better place.  Your generosity helps propel them forward and could very well be the key that unlocks their future.

On behalf of our students, faculty and staff, THANK YOU for your support.


Heather Thompson, Ph.D., LCSW
Interim Director

If you wish to explore legacy gifts or naming opportunities, please contact Alyson Warner, Director of Development: | (954) 762-5349