Student Success Committee Policy

Students may encounter educational difficulties, have exceptional academic or personal problems, or require special attention.  Therefore, a Student Success Committee Policy has been established.  When a student or concerned faculty member feels that any of these problems have occurred, a Success Committee may be called.  The committee provides a formal procedure to deal constructively with  the problem (s).  The Success Committee is convened and chaired by the program coordinator after a written request to have the committee convened is made by the student, or by any one of the student’s instructors.  The committee notifies the student and other participants of the date of the meeting and invites them, in writing, to attend.  The Success Committee is composed of the student, relevant and current instructors, and if the student desires, a student of his/her choice to serve in an observational capacity.  Once the committee has heard the problem, concerns and potential resolutions, members make recommendations to the Director of the School of Social Work.  The Director will make the final decision where action is recommended by the committee.