Bachelor of Social Work – Courses

Social Work Major Requirements – 39 credits
Social Welfare Policy and Provisions SOW 3232* (1) 3
Profession of Social Work SOW 3302* 3
Human Behavior and the Social
Environment 1
SOW 4101 (1) 3
Human Behavior and the Social
Environment 2
SOW 4102 (1) 3
Social Work Practice with Individuals SOW 4300 (2) * 3
Social Work Practice with Families SOW 4304 (3) * 3
Social Work Practice with Groups SOW4322 (3) * 3
Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations SOW 4343 (3) * 3
Research Methods in Social Work SOW 4403 (4) * 3
Field Education in Social Work SOW 4510 (5) * 12

Field Education

BSW students are required to complete 400 hours during the final semester of their program. All pre-requisite and required courses must be completed before students enter their final semester. Students are not allowed to take additional courses while in their field placement. Students have the opportunity demonstrate BSW core competencies and practice behaviors in generalist social work tasks while in their field placements. See more details here on field education.

BSW students are required to complete 39 core credit hours, 400 Field internship hours, and 21 division credits (3000/4000 level) in elective courses (six upper division plus 15 lower to upper division credits). Students are highly recommended to take Social Work electives, as part of these electives.

Recommended Upper Division Social Work Electives
Family Violence SOW 4141 3
Issues in Counseling Women SOW 4357 3
Evidence Based Diversity Practice in
Social Work
SOW 4620 3
Social Work With Aging Populations SOW 4643 3
Child Welfare SOW 4650 3
Social Work Practice with Vulnerable
Children and Families
SOW 4654 3
Social Work and Substance Abuse SOW 4700 3
Introduction to Human Trafficking in Social Work Practice SOW 4783 3
Social Work and Positive Well-Being SOW4802 3
Spiritual Dimensions of Social Work Practice SOW 4844 3
Special Topics SOW 4930 3

Students are also encouraged to consider electives in other related discipline that provide students with a foundation in Community and Society Analysis and Human Behavior, Administrative Processes, and Organizational Behavior. Other elective credits may be chosen from other disciplines of study in consultation with an advisor.

Elective Group 1: Community and Society Analysis Electives. Choose a minimum of one course (3 credits) from the following. Any SOW upper division elective can also count towards these electives.
Criminal Justice
Criminology CCJ 3014 3
The Criminal Justice System CCJ 3024 3
Victimology CCJ 3666 3
Juvenile Justice Administration CJJ 4010 3
Health Administration
Health Delivery Systems HSA 3111 3
Issues and Trends in Health Care HSA 4113 3
Political Science
Women and the Law POS 3693 3
Florida Politics and Government POS 3182 3
The U.S. Congress POS 4424 3
Constitutional Law 1 POS 4603 3
Policy Making and Administration PUP 4004 3
Policy Analysis PUP 4008 3
Any 3000/4000-level SYD, SYO or SYP courses.
Elective Group 2: Human Behavior, Administrative Processes and Organizational Behavior Electives. Choose a minimum of one course (3 credits) from the following. Any SOW upper division elective can also count towards these electives.
Writing for Management ENC 3213 3
Intercultural Communication SPC 3710 3
History of U.S. Women AMH 3560 3
African American History to 1877 AMH 3571 3
African American History since 1877 AMH 3572 3
American Indian History AMH 4580 3
Modern Latin American History LAH 3200 3
Women, Witches and Healing NUR 4176 3
Issues in Women’s Health Care NSP 4425 3
Any 3000/4000-level CLP, DEP, EXP, PCO, PPE, PSY, SOP courses.
Public Administration
Public Management and Administration PAD 3003 3
Organizational Behavior and Administrative
PAD 3104 3
Financial Management of Nonprofit
PAD 4203 3
State and Local Government Administration PAD 4806 3
Urban and Regional Planning
Introduction to Urban Planning and Design URP 3000 3
Planning Implementation Strategies URP 4120 3

Planning Ahead for Advanced Standing Status

If you achieve a 3.5 GPA or higher in your final 60 credits of your BSW degree, you are eligible to apply for Advanced Standing and go on to receive your Master of Social Work (MSW) degree in as few as two semesters. See full details and how to apply.

We're Here to Help

For any questions regarding the Bachelor of Social Work degree program, please contact Dr. Precious Skinner-Osei (Program Coordinator) at 561-297-0385. For questions about advising, please contact the Advising Services at 561-297-2316. To make an appointment with your advisor, please log on to the Success Network/Starfish.

The Sandler School of Social Work offers BSW classes at three FAU campuses (click on a location for maps and directions) Contact personnel at these campuses are listed below.

  • Boca Raton– Social Science Building Room 308 – Program Assistant: Renita Carter (561) 297-3234; Program Assistant: Tod Marshall (561) 297-6494
  • Davie– Liberal Arts Building, 4th Floor (CDSI) – Secretary: Sandcha Jean Louis (954) 236-1167
  • MacArthur, Jupiter – MC03, Room 129 –Coordinator Academic Programs: Jeff Schering(561) 799-8693.