Admission Requirements to Bachelor of Social Work Program

Admission requirements for the Social Work program include completion of the general education requirements and fulfillment of the following prerequisites (required by all social work programs statewide):

Human Biology (BSC 1005, BSC 1010, BSC 1085, BSC 2010, BSC 2085, BSC 2086 or PCB 2099) 3
General Psychology (PSY 1012 , PSY 2012 or PSY 2020) 3
Introductory Sociology (SYG 1000, SYG 2000 or SYG 2010) 3
United States Government (POS 1041, POS 2041,
POS 2042 or PUP 2099)
Introduction to Micro or Macroeconomics (ECO 1000, ECO 2000, ECO 2013, ECO 2023 or ECO 3040) 3
Statistics STAT2023 or PSY3234 3

If students are admitted without these courses, they must complete the deficiencies completed by the end of their junior year or two semesters before entering SOW4510.

Prerequisite Coursework for Transfer Students

Students transferring to Florida Atlantic University must complete both lower-division requirements (including the requirements of the Intellectual Foundations Program) and requirements for the college and major. Lower-division requirements may be completed through the A.A. degree from any Florida public college, university or state college or through equivalent coursework at another regionally accredited institution. All prerequisite courses must be completed within the first year after transferring to FAU and before reaching senior status (90 total credits).

We're Here to Help

For any questions regarding the Bachelor of Social Work degree program, please contact Dr. Precious Skinner-Osei (Program Coordinator) at 561-297-0385. For questions about advising, please contact the Advising Services at 561-297-2316. To make an appointment with your advisor, please log on to the Success Network/Starfish.