SCCJ Hosted First-Ever Summer Camp for High School Students

Prospective CJ students experienced a different kind of summer camp…

Florida Atlantic University’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice offered its first-ever Criminal Justice Summer Camp for high school students in June 2016. The camp was designed to provide high school students a better understanding of how the Criminal Justice System really works.  Fourteen students from Broward, Palm Beach and Volusia County high schools attended.   The students lived on campus which also gave them an idea of what college life is like.

The week-long schedule included presentations of crime scene forensics, a tour of a 911 call center, fusion center, and crime analysis. That was just the first day. The rest of the camp involved activities that included fingerprint analysis, a visit to marine units, underwater search and recovery demonstration, State Fish and Wildlife presentation, and a tour of the FBI offices which gave the students an opportunity to see these aspects of criminal justice in action.

Back at the campus, the students took part in a mock criminal trial, where the students were assigned roles and put on a trial with a real judge, state attorney, and public defender. Students also toured the FAU stadium arrest and processing area and were given a behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to keep the campus and stadium safe. Even with these very eventful days, the students had free time where they were able to unwind with an ice cream social, a pool party, a pizza dinner, and other activities.

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice looks forward to hosting another summer camp in 2017, and appreciates the participation from the many agencies and others who contributed the camp’s success!

CLICK HERE for more information and registration for the Summer 2017 Camp.