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Each year the FAU Paralegal Program offers elective courses in different areas of law.  These courses are not part of the core courses of the Paralegal Certificate Program and can be taken by anyone.  Paralegals and students with special interests in these specific areas of law can register for these elective courses.  Consider these courses if you want to sharpen your skills, develop new ones, or enhance your knowledge.

LA-14 Immigration Law

Immigration Law begins with the topic of American citizenship and continues with the study of admissibility, inadmissibility, naturalization and removal. In addition to the complex constitutional laws, statutes and regulations involved in the various processes and steps, the course will cover the context of the broader historical and political forces that shaped the body of immigration law. You will get skills training in the interpretation of difficult statutes and regulations, a working knowledge of the many forms required by the DHS/USCIS for the working practitioner, and an understanding of how our immigration policies fit into the study of civil rights and liberties.

$285.00, 24 hrs., 2.4 CEUs

8 Tuesdays

April 16– June 4
7:10 – 10:10 p.m.
Boca Raton campus
#LA – 14 0419

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LA-23 Practical Office Skills for Paralegals

This course introduces paralegal students to practical skills used in a law office including legal timekeeping and billing, docket control and litigation support. Other specialized legal software is introduced as appropriate. Students will have hands-on training with office procedure programs to complete complex operations and save time in the law office. Students will demonstrate knowledge by completing legal assignments routinely performed in a law office or any organization involved with legal processes under the supervision of an attorney.

$155, 12 hrs.,  1.2 CEUs

4 Saturdays

October 5 – October 26
10:00 am – 1:00 p.m.
Boca Raton campus
#LA – 23 1019

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