Your Generosity Paves the Way Forward

We are proud to offer one of the most popular undergraduate programs at Florida Atlantic University – our Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice – as well as a Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice.  Our students are drawn to our programs because they seek to correct injustices, impact the lives of others and, ultimately, change our world. These goals may sound like lofty aspirations, and in truth, they are.  More importantly, they are the heartfelt calls to action that propel us forward as we prepare and inspire the scholars, practitioners, policymakers and justice leaders of tomorrow.

Your financial gifts are critical to our success and will help us ensure that we can continue attracting the best and brightest students, recruiting and retaining world-class teaching and research faculty, providing engaging classroom experiences and dynamic online course offerings, supporting field internship and assistantship opportunities, and maintaining an impressively high job placement rate for our graduates.

We’ll briefly outline the 3 key ways that your generosity will pave the way forward:

  1. Support our General Operating Fund
    Gifts to this fund allow the School to swiftly and nimbly address pressing needs, and each donation packs a big punch. Our School relies on the money in this fund to support:

    • cutting-edge programs and new academic initiatives such as high school summer camps, graduate seminars and workshops, speaker series and virtual communities of learners and practitioners;
    • new initiatives involving the use of technology in the classroom and field experiences that comprise the use of new tools and technology such as virtual training simulators for law enforcement professionals;
    • exciting student clubs and organizations, such as the FAU Criminal Justice Club;
    • the acquisition of special equipment, software, and training materials to help our students attain success and achieve their goals;
    • faculty and student research, community engagement, and travel to conferences domestic and abroad; and
    • illuminating student- and faculty-led research in such vital areas as restorative justice, human trafficking, drug courts, drug addiction, state statutes, prisoner re-entry, cyber-bullying, violence prevention and police-community relations.

    Donate to the General Fund

  2. Support our Student Scholarship Funds
    The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers various merit-based and need-based scholarships to our students throughout the academic year.  The volume of applications we receive for each illuminates our students’ increasing need for scholarship support.  There are myriad ways you can support current scholarship offerings or create a named scholarship opportunity with your own eligibility criteria.  To explore these options, please contact the school’s Director of Development, Alyson Warner: or (954) 762-5349.
  3. Establish an Endowment through a Named Space, Fellowship or Faculty Position
    Honor the legacy of your family or loved one by naming a high-visibility learning space or by creating an endowed fellowship or faculty position in the School that will generate much-needed financial support for generations to come.  To explore these options, please contact the school’s Director of Development, Alyson Warner: or (954) 762-5349.

On behalf of our students, faculty and staff, thank you for your generous support.  Your dollars truly make all the difference.


Wendy Guastaferro, Ph.D.
Interim Director, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice