SW-CJ Undergraduate Petition

This petition is used to waive general requirements or policies, such as (but not limited to):

  • Nine hour summer credit requirement
  • Maximum credit limit for Criminal Justice students
  • Waive the “last 30 credits in residence” requirement
  • Other policies not covered by specific petitions below, at the discretion of your academic advisor

SW-CJ Undergraduate Petitions are reviewed by a committee consisting of the Director of Advising Services, an Academic Advisor and a faculty member.

Download SW-CJ Undergraduate Petition

Reinstatement Petition

**See form for further instructions, read carefully**

Students cannot petition to return unless they have been out of school for a minimum of three semesters.  Reinstatement Petitions are reviewed ONCE per semester, deadlines for submission are posted on the petition form along with specific instructions.  Failure to comply with these instructions will result in a denied petition or petition that is not reviewed.

Reinstatement Petitions are reviewed by a committee comprised of the program coordinator of the student’s major, the Director of Advising, and the Retention advisor.

Download Reinstatement Petition

Late Withdrawal Petition + Instructor Memorandum

This petition is used only for students who have missed the last day to withdrawal from a course without receiving an “W” in the course listed on the Academic Calendar.

  • Students must submit the Late Withdrawal petition within one year of the semester the course was taken. For instance, if you need to drop a course from spring, 2016, the petition must be submitted no later than spring, 2017.
  • Student must follow the instructions on the Petition and submit all required documentation. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in a denied petition or petition that is not reviewed.
  • Students must submit an Instructor Memorandum (IM) for each course they are petitioning a late withdrawal from. The student should complete the top portion of the form and discuss with their faculty member. The faculty member can submit the IM directly to the Advising Center or return to the student to submit with remaining documentation.
  • Be aware: you are fee liable for any course dropped after the Add/Drop period. Fee petitions to be submitted through the Controller’s Office.

Late Withdraw Petitions are reviewed by a committee consisting of the Director of Academic Programs, the Retention Advisor and a faculty member.

Note* Also make sure the accompanying instructions that we have typed up includes the references A and B, or make it Part 1 and 2, whatever you like better but they DO GO TOGETHER and you cannot turn in a petition without the memorandums.

Download Late Withdrawal Petition


If your Petition is denied, you can appeal the committee’s decision.

  • Submit an email to the Associate Dean of the College (check with your advisor for contact information) including additional information you believe would impact your petition.
  • If the Associate Dean deems the new information relevant, a meeting will be set up between the student and Associate Dean.
  • The decision of the Associate Dean is final.

University Petitions- Exceptional Circumstance Withdrawal

Some students may qualify for an Exceptional Circumstances Withdrawal (ECW).  The advantage of the ECW is that you get a refund of all tuition and most of the fees.  However, there are strict guidelines for approval of an ECW:

  • ECW petitions are for an entire semester, not specific classes within a semester.
  • Packets must be submitted no less the two weeks prior to the end of the semester the courses are being taken. Specific deadlines are listed on the ECW website. There are limited exceptions to this deadline listed on the ECW website.
  • ECW petitions are reviewed only for specific circumstances, available on the website.
  • ECW petitions are in the purview of the Dean of Students, not the College, and your advisor has no input in the process or decision making.

As instructed on the form, after completed please submit to the Dean of Students Affairs Office.